BizDesk 2.5.9 for Windows 10


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Bizdesk a support system for business management CRM / ERP. It can be used in small and large companies. This tool is a solution for a client - server. The program allows multiple people to work on one database. The user can also set the appropriate permissions for individual workers (according to the occupied positions). The program is suitable for manufacturing, services and trade. It is a tool that will allow a single place to manage certain departments of the company. BizDesk 2.5 consists of the following modules: - Time Management - Issues and Tasks - Phonebook - Send Message - Business Management - Customer Management - Workflow - Logistics - Finance - Intranet - Online Bank - Fleet Management - System configuration - Licenses - Messenger demo version has the following limitations: - up to 10 documents in the module "Workflow" - up to 50 products in the module "Logistics" - 100 invoices in the module "Finance" - up to 10 tasks in the module "Problems and Tasks" - 100 customers on the main "Client Management"